Things #5

The link below will take you to an idea whose time has come, somewhere else.

Food for thought!

This is pun, but only because of the subject matter of the article.

One thought on “Things #5

  1. Thanks for the trip to Italy, John! So comparing this course to a buffet, it is a sample of just a few of the applications that are available, and you get to play them briefly. If you feel you can use them in your classes, just pick one or two to start with so as not to overwhelm yourself and your students and take it from there.

    Your idea of a weekly blog post is a good one to start off with, and shouldn’t be too difficult for the students to handle. It would be interesting to see if some of the “unmotivated” students were able to find some level of engagement they were lacking before.

    Your blog is looking good –

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