Things# 10

Well, I think that what will happen with this remains for me to see. It’s kind of like education, who knows how it will be used?

Certainly, I’m curious. And now that I’ve added the cc to my browser, I’ll see how it works.

I hope that it’ll open up a whole new world that’ ll be easy to explore and utilize.

Have you noticed the CC logo on any websites you visit? Did you wonder what it meant?

Never picked up on it though it must have been there.

Do you think CC will impact the way students learn and create projects? How?

I’m not sure how this will impact how students learn. I guess that when they create projects, they’ll develop a deeper sense of ownership and ethics because of using the cc link to each of their creations.

Do you use digital images, audio or video clips from the web in your teaching (or professional practice)?

I use them in my power point presentations that I develop for the topics I teach. Some are mine and others I get from the web.

Do you ever share content on the web?

I have never shared them but probably will begin to post them so they can have access to them.

Who owns your teaching materials?

I guess I do except for those images/videos I’ve taken from the web.

What are some potential negatives for using CC?

I guess remembering to use it each time I post something.

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